Dylan Sweeney Joins Allora as Executive Sous Chef

Dylan Sweeney Joins Allora as Executive Sous Chef

Chef Dylan Sweeney has built quite the impressive résumé over his culinary career, leaving his indelible mark at Talula’s Table, Cadence, The James Beard House, AQ, and Nightbird, among others.

Sweeney credits his mother with nurturing his culinary roots, which began growing during his time in Denver, CO, flourished in San Fransisco, and truly began to shine upon moving back to the East Coast.

Relative to other chefs of his caliber, he has flown under the radar but make no mistake, Sweeney is an elite chef.

This May, he joins Allora Hospitality as its first Executive Sous Chef, where he will collaborate with Executive Chef, Johnnie Reynolds, who first joined the team in October of 2020 at Valente’s Cucina. Together, the duo bring a wide array of complementary skills to the table, both literally and figuratively.

Reynolds has an amazing palette, bringing together unique flavor combinations to his dishes that have French and Modern European influences. The equally talented Sweeney puts his focus on individual local ingredients, opting for more of a farm-to-table approach, often foraging for his own ingredients.

As the Executive Chefs at Allora, Reynolds and Sweeney will oversee all aspects of the Allora concepts, including Valente’s Cucina and The Fare Porter.

Image c/o Inquirer.com